Our Concept

Monarch Defender started its journey with the idea of building better quality and performance vehicles from used Land Rover Defenders. The concept of merging a timeless iconic design with the needs of the modern era has always been thrilling. It was a big challenge to find the balance between the notion of developing modern, comfortable, high-tech and high-performance Land Rover Defenders and reserving its characteristic parameters.

The philosophy and legacy behind Land Rover Defender motivated us to be possibility-driven when it came to find an ideal way of classic design and modern features. Monarch Defender aspires to build better Land Rover Defenders through being creative and innovative. We learned how the concept of possibilities is related to happiness.

Our History

The family business had been producing Land Rover Defender body parts since 1992 in Bursa, Turkey. Monarch Defender was founded on the pursuit of perfection purpose by 2014 in a humble shop as a side operation. We banded together a fantastic crew. Each member is experienced, perfectionist, detail-oriented and most importantly, they are all Land Rover Defender enthusiastic. We work our way into premium Land Rover Defender builders with our expertise on building Defenders parts, our talented engineer team, and our determination of quality.

Sustainable progress is possible by always using the best elements. In order to keep our high-quality level constant, we moved to our new, fully integrated facility in Bursa in 2019. Sophisticated and personalized interior designs, unique accessories, and contemporary technology meet up with a wide range of paint colors under the same roof.

From Chicago to Worldwide

All positive experiences and the growing reputation of Monarch Defender surged the demand from the North American market.  By 2017, Monarch Defender LLC is founded in Chicago, USA to manage worldwide sales operations and engine and drivetrain swaps for the ultimate driving comfort.

Now, Monarch Defender LLC builds bespoke Land Rover Defenders with personalized, luxury interior designs, unique accessories, high-tech modern drive train and monster GM LS3 engine in the heart.