Dry Mediterranean climate vehicle.

Donor Vehicles. we only use dry climate Mediterranean donor.

In our every project, we buy the vehicles that are examined pickily by our professional team in order to get the perfect result. Good condition of cars, preserving of their originality, match of their identification and engine number, being ready of their legal documents, their 25 year visa for USA market and 15 year visa for Canada market are our basic purchasing criterias. Only dry Mediterranean climate vehicles are being used for our Monarch Defender restoration projects.

Constructing frame of Defender

Frame-off Restoration. We start customizing your vehicles from the frame.

• Disassemble and catalog every piece on vehicle
• Pull body off frame
• Media blast and restore frame
• Media blast or mechanically/chemically strip vehicle
• Metal repairs of all rust
• Completely smooth out body of all waves and dents
• Make prime and paint ready

Individually Painted doors of Defender

Paint Individually. We paint each part individually and only use premium brand paints and finishes.

A car’s color often matches with the driver’s soul. We carefully sand-blast and polish the vehicle’s body and use premium paints for a cool look and quality. You dream, we make it happen.

Very strong power train of Monarch Defender

Varieties of Powertrain. We offer different variety of powertrain options for our custom builds from GM LS3 to rebuilt original engines.

We choose the most compatible parts for speed junkies, off-roaders or daily users. A powerful engine can only be handled by a powerful engine structure. Just decide whether if you want a powerful or economical drive experience.

Interior of Monarch Defender

Limit is Your Wish. Our interior options are limited with your imagination.

A good interior design directly effects the driving experience. Especially in long trips, comfort has a great importance for a good driving. If you need a comfortable interior structure, we can design, fabricate and install the highest quality material for your needs.

Garrage of Monarch Defender

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